Plants in your coworker's keyboard

This prank needs some preperation but is really worth it. Your coworker will show up and his keyboard will be full of little grasplants!

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You need to take some time for this prank and you can only do it while your coworker is out of office. 

The things you need

  1. 1 Mechanical keyboard
  2. A fork
  3. Spray bottle with water
  4. One or two small bags of Chia seeds
  5. A table coth
  6. Two plastic bags
  7. Paper towels
  8. Two cups of soil

How to plant the seeds

Place the keyboard on the tablecloth and shake out one or two cups full of soil over the keyboard, so it gets between the keys. Then try to work the soil in between the keys by using a fork. Then soak the keyboard so the soil gets nice and wet and try working the soil further in between the keys.

Make the bag of seeds open and spread them carefully over the keyboard between the keys, then use the fork to push the seeds deeper in the soil. Then spray more water on the keyboard so all the soil is wet.

Other steps

You place the keyboard on a plastic bag and spread the ends of the bag over the sides of the keyboard to pick up the water. Then you inflate the other bag and put the keyboard inside of it, if the air leaves the bag then inflate the bag more. If the keyboard is inside you close the bag and place it infront of a window with enough sunlight. 

Make sure you spray more water every other day untill your coworker gets back. After three days you should be seeing green sprouts.

Plants in keyboard

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