April Fools' Day pranks by

Burger King is no stranger to April Fools Day. They spread some original hoaxes, for example they introduced the Wopper Toothpaste!

Check out all the April Fools Day pranks and hoaxes by Burger King!

Whopper cologne

Published on: december 5 2017, 3:38

Prank from: 2017 by Burger King

Burger King South Africa released a cologne with the smell of the famous hamburger: The Whopper from the Burger King. Would you like to smell like one?

Left-Handed Wopper

Published on: maart 31 2017, 12:13

Prank from: 1998 by Burger King

One of the most epic hoaxes on April Fools' Day was the introduction of the left-handed wopper. Burger King introduced it to satisfy left-handed eaters! April Fool!

Wopper Toothpaste

Published on: maart 30 2017, 10:13

Prank from: 2017 by Burger King

Burger King April Fools' Prank in 2017. Because some people want to keep the taste of the Wopper in their mouth, Burger King created the Wopper toothpaste.

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