April Fools' Day pranks by

Google loves April Fools Day! Every year Google has a lot of pranks. Check out all Google pranks from past few years.

Google Play for Pets

Published on: november 27 2017, 3:01

Prank from: 2017 by Google

Google Play is a system on your mobile device to download and play small games to entertain yourself. Google made the joke that its not available for pets!

Google Gnome

Published on: april 1 2017, 4:31

Prank from: 2017 by Google

Google has created the Google Gnome, a epic gnome with cool functions.

Introducing Google Wind

Published on: april 1 2017, 10:23

Prank from: 2017 by Google

Google Wind is an innovative system to create better weather in the Netherlands. Old windmills work together to blow away any rainy clouds! April Fool!

Self-Driving Bicycle

Published on: maart 31 2017, 11:30

Prank from: 2016 by Google

In 2016 Google introduced the self-driving bicycle in The Netherlands. Very convenient to transport your kids from and to the school! April Fool!

Google Calendar adds 'Feeling Lucky button'

Published on: maart 24 2017, 2:25

Prank from: 2008 by Google

In 2008 one of Google's April Fools pranks was a new feature in Google Calendar. They added the 'I'm Feeling Lucky' button, which wasn't a real feature!

Google Copernicus Center is hiring

Published on: maart 24 2017, 2:13

Prank from: 2004 by Google

This was Google's April Fools hoax in 2004. They had a a great job offer for engineers to work on the moon. Google Copernicus Center was an April Fools joke.

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