April Fooling in 2017

McDonalds: Micro Big Mac

Published on: november 23 2017, 2:37

Prank from: 2017 by McDonalds

McDonalds made a big mac for the one with a really small stomach. This surely wont fill you up, but hey way less calories.

Virgin Australia first canine crew

Published on: november 13 2017, 4:29

Prank from: 2017 by Virgin Airlines

In this video Virgin Australia introduces their furry flight crew who will make your flight way more relaxed.

Introducing Bigland

Published on: april 11 2017, 12:22

Prank from: 2017 by IKEA

In 2017 IKEA introduced Bïgland, the Smaland for adults. There you can drink beer, have a massage and settle a dispute! Happy April Fools' Day from IKEA.

The Humanless Host

Published on: april 11 2017, 12:10

Prank from: 2017 by Airbnb

In 2017 Airbnb introduced The Humanless Host. Everything is getting more and more automised and equipment should be smart.

New Smaland

Published on: april 1 2017, 4:53

Prank from: 2017 by IKEA

Ikea Singapore hilariously announced that it would transform its Småland in-store playground into a “press-play-ground,” full of sitting pods with tablets, because kids “prefer tablets to physical activity.”

Horn Emojis

Published on: april 1 2017, 4:38

Prank from: 2017 by Honda

I​ntroducing Horn Emojis, the latest innovation from Honda Dream Laboratories. This was a april fools' day prank by Honda in 2017

Google Gnome

Published on: april 1 2017, 4:31

Prank from: 2017 by Google

Google has created the Google Gnome, a epic gnome with cool functions.

Jim Beans

Published on: april 1 2017, 4:22

Prank from: 2017 by Jim Beam

Jim Beam has been making Bourbon for over 220 years. Yet, some people call them Jim Bean! That's why this April they launch a new product: Jim Beans.

The Petco DooDoo Drone

Published on: april 1 2017, 4:09

Prank from: 2017 by Petco

Petco invented the majestic DooDoo Drone. The drone scoops your poop for you!

Fingerlicking future

Published on: april 1 2017, 4:08

Prank from: 2017 by KFC

In Canada, the chain has released the KFC Bucket, a voice-activated delivery system and smart dining assistant. The finger-lickin’ future is here.

Female cave

Published on: april 1 2017, 2:49

Prank from: 2017 by Life Storage

Life Storage is offering a storage for women who wants a break from their family. It's called SheShed and only for $99 a month!

Lexus LC: Lane Valet

Published on: april 1 2017, 2:22

Prank from: 2017 by Lexus

Lexus has created a new function for their cars. The function hijacks slow-moving cars in the left lane and moves them over to the right.

The epic beard sauce

Published on: april 1 2017, 1:54

Prank from: 2017 by Buffalo Wild Wings

Ever heard of a beard sauce? We neither but Buffalo Wild Wings has designed sauce that stimulates beard groth. Their Sauce master explains it!

Alamo Rent a self-vacationing car

Published on: april 1 2017, 11:48

Prank from: 2017 by Alamo

Alamo has created a new self-driving car. But it has something special that you would want. The car can plan vacations for you. Coming soon!

Triple Decker Airplane

Published on: april 1 2017, 10:57

Prank from: 2017 by Emirates

Emirates unveils plans for world’s largest commercial aircraft. The triple-decker APR001 includes a swimming pool, games room, gym & park.

Introducing Google Wind

Published on: april 1 2017, 10:23

Prank from: 2017 by Google

Google Wind is an innovative system to create better weather in the Netherlands. Old windmills work together to blow away any rainy clouds! April Fool!

In Secure Box

Published on: april 1 2017, 10:08

Prank from: 2017 by Zappos

Zappos has created a delivery box that can't be stolen. When it't delivered it becomes invisible. Very handy technology, what it's an obvious prank!

U by Kotex bandages

Published on: maart 31 2017, 4:15

Prank from: 2017 by U by Kotex

The U by Kotex pads are not only for periods anymore. The now also come as bandages, with handy leak-catching winbgs! April Fool!

Edible Nail Polish

Published on: maart 30 2017, 11:17

Prank from: 2017 by Groupon

In 2017 Groupon has launched a special product. The world's first edible prosecco flavoured nail polish. Now you can enjoy prosecco every moment of the day!

Wopper Toothpaste

Published on: maart 30 2017, 10:13

Prank from: 2017 by Burger King

Burger King April Fools' Prank in 2017. Because some people want to keep the taste of the Wopper in their mouth, Burger King created the Wopper toothpaste.